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Pastor Ken Behr of Faith Dialogue, a Christian Evangelical Church, teaching Prophecy, Parables and the Word of God


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The return of Jesus is the most anticipated event in all Christianity. The Bible has much to say about this event and naturally, many have the same question, "Where is America in Bible Prophecy." ...
January 14, 2021
Paul travels to Corinth and has success with the Greeks but the Jews criticize Paul and blaspheme God. Paul shakes the dust out of his robe and turns his ministry towards the Gentiles.
January 12, 2021
Paul and Silas travel to Berea and then Paul heads to Athens. He reasons with the Greeks who love philosphy and hearing about new things. However, the people of Athens are infatuated with Idols ...
January 5, 2021
We were asked to respond to some of the top questions regarding Bible prophecy so we came up with this list of twelve including 'America in Prophecy', 'the Rapture', 'the meaning of 666' and que...
January 5, 2021
After being beaten and thrown in Prison, the officials come and want them to leave. But Paul and SIlas are Roman citizens and they were treated improperly. Paul & Silas then head to Thessalo...
December 28, 2020
In chapter 16, Paul and Silas end up in jail. After being arrested, stripped, beat with rods, thrown in jail and put in stocks, they sing. An Earthquake is the response by God and the jailer and...
December 22, 2020
Jesus tells a Parable in Matthew 25 about ten virgins. Five are wise, five were foolish. The Parable is an opportunity to see if we as well, are ready. Are we wise or are we foolish? Jesus is comi...
December 16, 2020
Paul launches out on his second missionary journey and this time with Silas and Timothy. The Holy Spirit and a vision of a man from Macedonia change their plans and they had across the Aegean to a...
December 14, 2020
Exactly what is the Great Tribulation and is that different than just the Tribulation?   What is the purpose and how long does it last?  What is the key to understanding the end-times?   ...
December 10, 2020
The Church in Jerusalem sends a letter to the Gentile believers in Antioch telling them they never sent the delegation, nor ever had an issue with Gentiles and circumcision.  
December 9, 2020

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