Hosea is told to take Gomer, a wife of whoredom as his bride.   This is a picture of Israel who has been unfaithful.   It is also a picture of all who...View Details

Hosea is a prophet of God who is called by God to marry a woman who ultimately becomes a harlot. God's love for Israel is th backdrop for this s...View Details

The parable of the dragnet in the Gospel of Matthew talks about the end of time. There will be a time when God judges all of mankind but that ti...View Details

Are we the old garments which is the popular teaching or is Jesus telling us something us something new?  Listen in as Pastor Ken reviews the pa...View Details

Philippians 4 to end

Paul concludes his letter to the Philippians with some very practical advice about putting our lives in perspective. There is good and bad, bles...View Details



The Parable of the Treasure hidden in a field asks the question, "What is this treasure?" That is what our Lord wants us to ask. O...View Details

Philippians 3:12-21

The Apostle Paul describes the goal: forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, Join Pastor ...View Details

Jesus refers to leaven or yeast a few times. This time it is in reference to the Kingdom of God. Join Pastor Ken as he teaches through the parbl...View Details

Philippians 2:25-3:12

Paul loves his brother Epaphroditus who almost died by working and laboring so hard for the Gospel. He sends Epaphroditus to the Philippians to ...View Details

Jesus tells the parable of the Mustard Seed. Yes, it starts out small and becomes very large but what does that tells us about the Kingdom of Go...View Details

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